These classes are designed to support the active lifestyle we all lead.  Whether chasing children down the slope or your friends on the trail, let Synergy classes help you reach your maximum potential:

  • Basecamp  
    This class works within the parameters of the CrossFit definition "constantly varied functional movement at high intensity."  The elements that differ from our CrossFit classes is a more moderate intensity and less technical movements.  This is a great class if you want have been interested in crossfit but are apprehensive of the barbell movements.  More time is spent working with body weight movements and skill development.
  • Cardio Flex  
    Functional exercises at short and long intervals, this class is for everyone and we truly mean everyone.  Each workout will have built-in warmups and cool-downs to get your body moving and sweating before you know it. . The focus is to develop cardiovascular fitness, increase muscle strength and endurance all while having a great time!  Think high energy, great music and exciting workout that leaves you invigorated and wanting more!

  • Pilates- Coming June 8th!


 Pilates- Coming June  8th

8:45 am // Monday
12:00 pm // Tuesday
4:00 pm // Thursday

7:30 am // Tues • Thur   
10:00 am //  Fri

Please be sure to sign up for classes. Thanks!!